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Success begins with thoughtful design and purposeful intent. 

Identifying the systems and tools that support these systems, designing VOC programs to collect customer-feedback on program success, and deploying listening-posts across your channels completes the scope of of our design and implementation projects.

CX Program Design, Implementation, and Adoption

Most CX programs emerge out of an increasing need to handle customer service issues, and are "Reactive" programs from the beginning.  We work with you to design an "Active" program, where your customer's challenges are only the begging and the true goal of program design is to draw out the distinguishing elements of your customer's experience that enhance product/service value.  This is what makes you unique.


For a CX program to go beyond measurement requires conscious participation from all levels of your organization.  Employees need to understand why customers choose your brand over another so they can echo your "Experience Proposition" to your customers.  Managers need to hire on the basis of an existing natural alignment between the candidate and organization - you can't train culture!  Lastly, executives and the board need to clearly communicate both the challenges, and successes, they are seeing on the front-lines. 

Driving internal adoption of CX programs is one the least considered "CX Fundamentals" by most Directors, Executives, and Managers.  Our "Adoption Tool-Set" and history of creative approaches to employee engagement form the basis of our CX Adoption projects.

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